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Price and Payment Options

The price of the Personal Genome Service is $249 CAD plus shipping. The $249 CAD price includes complete access to the reports described here. Each individual who wants to participate in 23andMe needs his or her own saliva collection kit. You will need to provide your sample and return your collection kit from the same country listed on your order. Kits used or returned from outside of the country to which it was shipped by 23andMe are subject to invalidation without refund.

What payment and purchase options are available?

Our online store accepts payments by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.

We do not currently accept payments via other online payment sites, or in the form of personal checks or money orders. The entire amount of your purchase must be covered by a single payment option.

23andMe can only guarantee services and provide support for kits purchased directly through our website or through one of our authorized resellers. The resale of our kits is prohibited, and kits purchased on any external website, such as Amazon, eBay, or craigslist, among others, may not be authentic or functional. To protect our customers and prevent privacy and billing issues, 23andMe routinely deactivates the barcode for kits that are attempted to be resold by unauthorized resellers.

Can I use insurance to pay for your service?

The service 23andMe provides is not a medical genetic test, and is not covered by insurance. Our goal is to provide you with an overview of your DNA through personalized reports on health reports.

You and your physician may find the information we provide helpful when looked at together with your personal and family health history. However, 23andMe’s test is not diagnostic and should not be submitted to your health insurance for reimbursement. If you believe you have a medical need for genetic testing, please talk to your healthcare provider about genetic testing for medical purposes. Medical genetic tests may be covered by insurance, depending on your insurance policy, and indication for testing.

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